SpeakOut - The Center

I will be screening a completed video of Monumental Resistance: Stonewall on June 8th at The Center West Village! SpeakOut is an evening of LGBTQ+ storytelling in front of a live audience to collectively celebrate what it means to be LGBTQ+. 

Reserve a ticket! Come with your friends. Be prepared to open your heart as your neighbors share stories of what it means to them to be queer.

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Artist Talk and Workshop - Gravity of Perception

In his series, Policing Gender, Lorenzo became long-term pen pals with 32 prison inmates who identify as LGBTQ+ . He never questioned why they were in prison, but instead simply shared personal and emotional memories, such as their coming out stories, their fears, their triumphs and their goals for the future. Lorenzo visually represented these conversations through portrait and aerial photography, on view now at the CVA in Gravity of Perception.

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Lorenzo Triburgo