Policing Gender, Columbia College Arcade Gallery

I am pleased for Policing Gender to be included in the show, He, She, They, Ze at the Columbia College Arcade Gallery. Curator Anna Rathman has put together a fierce line-up of artists - Jess Dugan, JJ Levine, Leon Mostovoy, Melissa H. Potter, Emmett Ramstad, Coco Riot, Tuesday Smillie -  for a show that's not to be missed. Opening Reception Tuesday, February 9th from 4-6pm.

Probing gender as both an individual bodily experience and the relationship between one body and a collection of bodies, the exhibition’s title—consisting of gender pronouns—simultaneously alludes to the widening pool of personal pronouns used by trans-identified and queer peoples that inspired the exhibition as well the process by which we learn to define ourselves and communicate our identities at a societal level, thereby rendering gender as both private and public, spectacle and invisible.